I had an eventful life and hardly left out anything. As Fritz the Cat said, I ‘ fought with brave men and loved beautiful women ‘. And I paid for it – especially for the latter! I am not exceptionally talented, but I have – in my opinion – one strength: persistence! And that sometimes takes you further than genius or a first-class education. Since the eighties, I have had a desire to write down my story. I don’t know why – that’s just how it was. 


I was born in Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea, where I spent my youth. My parents were simple people, for whom my stubborn character caused a lot of headaches. Nevertheless, they supported me within the limits of their abilities. I went through numerous schools and passed secondary school. Then, I started my first apprenticeship. It lasted exactly 22 hours. Towards the end of the 20th century, I started writing the chronicle of my youth on the North Sea coast after leaving home. What began as a collection of photocopied sheets of paper later developed into a wonderful book, which – thanks to the help of my friend Horst – was published by his Edition Temmen Bremen. And why did he print it? Because it was so wonderfully crazy, as he said! Wilhelmshaven from A to Z was a real hit in my hometown! Not interested in Wilhelmshaven? Wait a minute! The book deals more marginally with the Jade Bay city. Above all, it’s about growing up in the 50s and 60s. And since my age group shares a similar career nationwide, one can rightly say Wilhelmshaven was everywhere! How did the head of the North Sea city’s cultural department call it so beautiful? Oral history of the 50s and 60s from the perspective of a working-class child. There is nothing left to be said.


At nineteen, I left my birthplace and moved to West Berlin . Right into the middle of the social upheaval that took place there towards the end of the 60s! It went to university via an apprenticeship and second-chance education . I studied geography at Freie Universität and even graduated. I even later got a Ph.D. in philosophy. My ‘ travel career’ began in the mid-70s as a hippie. It took me halfway around the world. I traveled under miserable circumstances at first, aboard decrepit planes and buses; later, it got a little better … I earned money with various jobs: sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. Sometimes well paid, sometimes for peanuts … My trade in ‘ Asian products ‘, which I started at the end of the 70s, was arduous initially. Over the years, it proved to be increasingly successful. Jobs as tour guides were added later. I’ve written part 2 of my memoir, titled ‘I Hate Uschi Obermaier.’ The title may seem strange at first glance, and it should be mentioned that I have no negative feelings at all towards that lady. Not to mention hatred. She only represents certain people with whom I’m afraid I have to disagree on some points. Amazingly, many people don’t even know her anymore today. That shows how time has passed us by. In 1996, I said goodbye to Berlin and emigrated to Myanmar .


Burma! Myanmar! The most beautiful country in the world! I went there for the first time in 1977. It knocked me out! I immediately felt that I had found the land of my dreams. The people were incredibly nice and friendly. Some things reminded me of my childhood in Wilhelmshaven. Others of the German Democratic Republic across the Berlin Wall! At that time, Burma was still on the ‘Burmese road to socialism.’ A path that ultimately led to economic catastrophe. The stoicism with which the people accepted the adverse living conditions impressed me. Anyway, since that first visit (only a week!) I had the desire to live there! But it would be another 19 years before it materialized. I started a small trade in Burmese articles, especially the fantastic puppets. However, I really couldn’t have imagined that I would be able to do a doctorate on it. But that also applies to other things! So z. B. that I found my happiness there. I have lived in the ‘Golden Land,’ as the Burmese call it, for almost twenty-five years. Which means I have a migration background, to put it in a contemporary way. So I can have a say! The third part of my memoir deals with my life there.  Excerpts from this can be found in the Burma/ Myanmar chapter. 


As far as my life is concerned, my books are provocative and politically incorrect. I wish the interested reader anyway – or maybe because of that? – Enjoy reading! I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Axel Bruns

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